It's time to shed those pounds!


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I've always been overweight, even as a child, and I'm still struggling with it heavily (no pun intended) as an adult. Back in September, my grandmother (mom's mom) passed away. After she passed, I fell into the worst depression I have ever experience in my 25 short years. During this depression, I did nothing but eat and sleep. I think I gained (easily) 50 lbs, if not more. This past weekend, my mom got remarried, and though my depression has virtually disappeared now over the past month or so, I still managed to get upset when I looked back on wedding photos I was in...

I look awful. There's not a single picture I can look at and say, "Wow. I look amazing!", and that hurts because.. this was mom's wedding!

My sister, brother, me

Me & my best friend

My brother & me

My brother, David, Me

Me & Brittany

Me, Brittany & my brother

Everybody's always telling me, "Who cares about some stupid photo? You're beautiful!" Yes, this is true. I know I am a good person.. but I don't feel beautiful. When I was trying on outfits for the wedding, I kept looking at my naked body in the mirror and thinking... what have I done to myself?

It's time for a change. I want to start a healthy eating regimen- perhaps even get back on Weight Watchers. I've done it before, and it worked great for me, so long as I stuck to it.

Anybody else feeling the same way? Anybody ever been in my position and been able to turn themselves around? I'm not looking to be a size 2 or anything, but I do want to be healthy. Like in the first picture.. my sister looks incredible. I wouldn't mind looking like that. I just want to be healthy.

Any tips or suggestions you may have are very much welcomed.

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