I love my job, I love my job...


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As anybody who has ever had a job knows, there's days when you love your job, and there's days when you hate it. It's simply the nature of working. As for me, I am the manager of a fast-food restaurant in my town, a place I've been working for 3 years. Why have I stuck around a there for so long? I couldn't even tell you. I guess a part of me feels like it's home. I'm safe there, I know what I'm doing... I could even do my job in my sleep. I have the menu and all the prices memorized. I can take people's orders and tell them their total even when I'm away from my register (I run the drive-thru). I'm comfortable there, and the people I work with are like family. There's 7 or 8 of us who have been working together for 2 years or more, and as time goes by, we develop very close friendships both on and off the job. It makes working a little more enjoyable when you see that you're working with somebody you get along with, because you know you can have fun and joke around. That's an important factor of any job... you've got to at least be able to enjoy yourself.

As much as I may love my co-workers, there's aspects of the job that just down-right irritate me.
For the most part, customers are very polite, and are very understanding if it's super busy and they have to wait an extra two minutes on wedges. They're also very understanding if you're having a bad day and screw up their order on accident. They're happy to either take a refund, or get extra food- as is our way of saying "I'm sorry."

On the other hand, there's customers that really bug the crap out of me. Below is a small list of things that really grinds my gears:

Not being specific enough with your order: Now, as I said before, I run the drive-thru. I run the counters too, but it just seems that people are more willing to be dumb when they're still in their cars. I work at a restaurant that is actually 2 stores under one roof- a KFC and a Taco Bell. I get people, at least 5 a day, and this is the conversation:

Me: Welcome to KFC/Taco Bell, how can I help you?
Customer: Yes I'd like some chicken, a Pepsi and potatoes.

To the average person, there might not be anything wrong with that. However, as the person who's taking your order and preparing your food, I need more information. What kind of chicken do you want? Why meat, dark meat, strips, wings, filets? What size drink would you like? Small, medium, large or extra large? What size potatoes would you like? Would you like mashed potatoes or potato wedges? To me, it's the same as going to McDonald's and saying, "I want a burger, fries and Coke." Uhhh... what kind of burger? What size fries? What size drink? I'm not a mind-reader. Just because you say "I want chicken" doesn't mean I know what you want. I dunno, to me it just seems like common sense that, before you even place your order, you have to have in mind what exactly it is that you want. The more specific you can be about your order, the easier it is for me to place it, and the faster you'll have it. But if I have to sit and ask all these specifying questions, it just makes the order process that much longer. Don't piss and moan to me when it takes 10 minutes for me to get your order together when I've had to spend the last 5 asking you what exactly you want.

Drive-thru was NOT meant for large orders: I get people coming to the drive-thru all the time placing these huge orders. The largest bucket size we carry is 16 pieces. This comes with 4 sides and 8 biscuits. Preparing one meal is not that bad. It take a minute or two, but usually we're very good about getting it out the window in a reasonable amount of time. But when people come through and order two 16-piece meals, plus 12 strips and 3 sodas.. that's when it gets difficult. I get irritated and want to scream "Don't be lazy! Get out of your car and come inside to order." Not many people know this, but all fast food restaurants have a certain amount of time to take an order, and send the customer on their way. this is usually 3 minutes or less, depending on the restaurant. If it takes longer than this, especially during an inspection, we get points docked. If enough points are docked against us, the parent corporation has every right to shut us down. This sounds crazy, but it's true. It then becomes very difficult when people place these ridiculously large orders in the drive-thru... the spot that supposed to be the busiest because it's supposed to be the fastest.

We're only human: Keep in mind that the person taking your order is human, just like you. We're allowed to make mistakes. We make every effort not to, but it's bound to happen. If I have to ask you a couple of times "I'm sorry, what was the drink with the #5 again?", don't get pissed at and start pulling an attitude. There's so much going on- kids screaming in the dining room, buzzers going off, people shouting "I need wedges dropped! I need biscuits in the oven!".. it is often times very hard to hear.

Screaming into the speaker box, and ordering from anywhere in the vehicle OTHER than the driver's side: Maybe it's just my store, but this is one of my biggest pet-peeves about working there. When customers order, they'll come up to the box and literally shout into it. I don't know how many times I've had to remove the headset while they order, only to put it back on and kindly ask that they not be so loud because it hurts my ears. Other times, you get a car full of people. More often than not, I am unable to hear the orders being placed by people in the back seat and passenger seat. I am able to make out a voice, but I am never sure if they're ordering or talking to each other.

Talking on your cell phone... DON'T DO IT!: This has to be perhaps my biggest pet peeve. Be respectful of the person taking your order, and those lined up behind you. I don't know how many times I've had this conversation:

Me: Welcome to KFC/Taco Bell, how can I help you?
Customer: Hang on one second please! Ok so anyway, I was talking to her this afternoon, right?...

That is perhaps the rudest thing anybody can do. This is a restaurant, not your own kitchen. If you want to talk on your phone, go park then come back and place your order, or the tell the person you're talking to hang on, and continue talking after you've placed your order. If it were up to me, I'd ban the use of cell phones at the drive-thru.

Control your kids!: It happens... you don't feel like cooking at home, so you bring the family out and buy dinner. There's you, your two kids aged 3 and 2, and your husband. I wouldn't mind families coming in so much if people would control their kids, and clean up after themselves. I don't know how many times I have gone to clean up tables after a family with small kids has been there only to find corn tossed all over half the dining room, potatoes smeared in the high chairs, thrown on the floors, smeared on the windows and globbed on the tables, along with spilled drinks- a mess left by a single family in one visit. Be considerate, PLEASE, and control your kids. Don't let them go haywire with their messes. I understand that kids can be difficult to manage at times, but if they're getting so out of hand that they're making messes like that... pack up your food and go. I might be getting paid to clean, but I'm not your maid.

Take the time to READ the menu board(s): I understand there are some people out there who aren't familiar with our menus, and that's fine. There's places I've never been, so I'd probably get confused too. But there are people who come by all the time (regulars) and I constantly have to read the menu off to them. "You get two sides with your meal, what would you like?".... "Well, I'm not sure what are my options?" Read the board. they're listed right in the middle, clear as day.

Pranking... just don't do it: Perhaps my second-biggest pet peeve is stupid kids who come through. "Yeah, I'd like to order a Big Mac." This just down-right angers me. You're not funny. You're not original. Every has done it. When I get kids like that do that, I simply don't answer.

Me: "Welcome to KFC/Taco Bell...." (blah blah blah)
Kid: "Yeah, I'd like a whopper please."
[30-60 seconds of silence]
Kid: Ok, yeah, I'd like the #3, large with a Sierra Mist.
Me: "Will that be everything?"

I've even gotten so irritated before that I've told people... if you want McDonald's, head down to road about 2 miles and you'll find it on your right.

Use some common sense: I had a woman come through tonight..

Woman: ... and I'd like a wedge with that.
Me: Would you like that wedge small, medium or large?
Woman: What's the difference between the small and the large?
Me: Well... the small is a small, and the large is..... large.
Woman: Ok, I'll take the small then.

Are you kidding me?! I don't even know what to say to that...

Ok, so you get the idea. There's plenty for me to gripe about; in fact, I could go on for hours about the stupid and just downright ignorant things people will do, and have done, but I won't. I think you pretty much understand what I'm saying.

So how about you? What are some complaints you have about your job?

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