Incentivized Freebie Websites


Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFWs)

     Incentivized freebie websites (or simply, IFWs) are amongst the latest craze in money-making ventures. IFWs offer people cash and/or other prizes for completing sponsor offers. Many of these sponsor offers cost little to nothing to you, so it is very possible to make quite a bit without spending very much.

We've all seen the ads- almost every website has them: “Congratulations! You've just won a free iPod Shuffle!” or “Enter your email address to receive a free $500 Target gift card!”. Contrary to popular belief, these kinds of programs are not scams at all. They just aren't very honest in their approach. Honest or not, however, these programs are thriving. There's thousands of them out there, and new programs are popping up every single day. Let's take a closer look at how these programs actually work, shall we?

Take for instance the very popular iPod Shuffle. Looking at prices in the Apple store, the average Shuffle goes for anywhere from $59-$79 (this price does not include any shipping or handling charges). Now, visit any IFW site and they will give you several options of gifts to choose from.

Now, the website might claim “3 easy steps! Sign up, Refer, Receive!”, but it's not exactly that easy. Each person you refer (in this case you would need to refer 2 people) has to complete a series of sponsor offers, as I mentioned before. These offers can range anywhere from free product trials, to discount book/movie club subscriptions, credit card offers... you name it. Each prize also has a credit value associated with it. In this case, the iPod Shuffle has a credit value of 1.00. Each sponsor offer you (or in this case your referrals) are required to complete also has a credit value associated with it. These values can range anywhere from 0.05 credits, up to 1.00, 2.00 or higher.

So what does all that mean? That means, if you want to receive your “free” iPod Shuffle, you need to refer 2 people who must complete 1.00 credits each. Now, they can complete twenty 0.05 credit offers, two 0.5 credit offers, four 0.25 credit offers... it doesn't matter. So long as the required number of credits has been fulfilled, you will receive your prize.

I tried this a few times just to see if it actually worked, and it does. Trying to work it by yourself, though is very difficult. There are many websites and forums out there dedicated specifically to helping people make money using IFWs. Anything4Free (A4F) is the forum I am registered at. These forums are chock full of people looking to pay you to complete these sponsor offers for them. The most common reward is cash, because it is the easiest thing to hand off. I have completed a few sponsor offers for people and netted myself a couple hundred bucks for doing so.

Another great example of an IFW is Project Payday (PPD). Now on the surface, this website looks like the kind of website typically associated with spam and scams. On the contrary. Project Payday is a huge resource for those looking to make money online. They have tons of useful videos and training programs, and it's all free. In fact, it was through PPD that I came across A4F All they require of you is for you to enter your email address. And in case you're wondering... no, they do not spam. They might send out the occasional newsletter, but they absolutely do no spam you with useless offers and other such junk.

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