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Time for another review... this time it is a movie rather than an actual product.

A few months ago, I saw so many ads and trailers for a new movie coming out called "Hot Tub Time Machine". I was immediately put off from watching it because I figured it was just going to be another Hollywood-stoner type movie full of nothing but lame jokes and unnecessary toilet humor. I told myself that this would probably end up being on the last movies I ever watched.

Last week, on one of my days off, I was bored and decided I wanted to watch a movie. I wanted something new though- and funny- I am a stickler for comedies. I was sick of all the movies in my collection.. I'd seen 'em all a hundred times. So I began to scour the net, reading reviews for films that have been released over the past year. Most of the movies I kept running across seemed lame, and I was starting to think that perhaps this past year was bad for Hollywood- in terms of comedies anyway. But I kept seeing positive reviews for one film in particular.... yup, you guessed it.

I rolled my eyes reading the reviews- how could people enjoy this movie? Of all people, it had Rob Corddry in it... and I can't say I really find him all that funny. I'm sure some people think he's just downright hilarious- but for me, I dunno. I'm just not crazy about him.

I relented and decided I'd be open-minded and give the movie a shot. Worst case scenario- I'd hate it. After all, it's what I was expecting.

I loved it. I absolutely, down-right loved this movie. If you have put off watching this because you think it's full of lame toilet humor and off-beat jokes... I suggest watching it now (or the next time you feel like watching a movie). Yes- there are some moments that I'm not too fond of- like Chevy Chase farting for one. The movie could have gone without that. But the movie has far more golden moments that outshine the unnecessary toilet humor. For example the "It must be some kind of..... hot tub time machine" that deadpans into the camera is priceless. Or the scene where Adam is feeling low after his girlfriend dumps him and Jacob (John Cusack and Clark Duke respectively) walks in on him smoking pot, drinking, eating shrooms and doing blow... or the scene where Rob Corddry tries to masturbate Jacob ("You've got get at least half a chub going!"- priceless!).

Yes, the movie is full of raunchy toilet humor, but the way in which it's executed is just phenomenal and the cast that was chosen for the film is perfect. John Cusack, as always, is never bad to look at. It was funny seeing him in this kind of role, because one usually pegs him as the romantic comedy kind of guy... this role is much different for him. Rob Corddry- I really like him in this role. I'm thinking that I could be wrong about him, and I'm willing to watch other films of his in the future. Craig Robinson was hilarious as well, but my favorite scenes with him are the ones where he's singing "Jesse's Girl" and "Let's Get the Party Started". He's got an amazing voice. Clark Duke played your typical "emo"/"nerd" kid who lives in his uncle Adam's (John Cusack) basement, and does nothing but play video games. The soundtrack is also incredible.. I'm a big fan of 80's metal, and the inclusion of Motley Crue helped to seal the deal for me.

I don't want to give too much more away, I just wanted to write about how much I loved this movie. Feel free to check it out on Amazon- I have provided a link below. You can either order the DVD or you can watch it online for just $3.99. Trust me... you'll be glad you watched it :-)

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DIY Mini Site


Well, life certainly has a knack for popping up when you least expect it. I have been so exhausted these past couple weeks.. maybe it's the humidity... maybe I'm just working too much. Whatever it is, it needs to go away; fast. I want to resume normal living.
I ran across this website the other day- DIY Mini Site- and I was interested right away. There are both free and paid accounts available; the free ones are great just as they are. There's tons and tons of video tutorials on how to create a great mini-site; he even tells you how to get a great mini-site up and running in just 30 minutes. There's also a template gallery where you can download, well, templates to get yourself started. And that's just in the free section :-)

The paid section offers more in-depth videos and training, as well as more hi-quality templates. This normally would sell for around $1,400.00, but he's offering this out today for just $67. What you get is a set of 51 videos in 11 different topics ... this will turn you from a web design idiot to a web design pro! Very much worth the investment if you ask me. Make sure you take him up on this when he offers it- it's a one-time offer. If you try to go back at a later date, you won't be able to get it at the same price.

Check out the site here...

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